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Battle of the Bands - Round 5

Who do you prefer? 1 vs 2. 3 vs 4. 5 vs 6. 7 vs 8

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yellow 4!
ugh, I keep thinking about this every time I see the thread since you posted it lol. floyd or zep, floyd or zep............. dammit! Think I have to stay loyal to pink floyd. also voted beatles, stones, & RHCP.


Registered Member
It's just my opinion but, WTF!? :shocked: How can Rolling Stones be winning!?
/end rant

1. Led Zeppelin
I've heard Pink Floyd more but I still like Led Zeppelin's tracks better. :nod:

2. Huh? :stare:
I did check those bands out on youtube but I didn't hear anything by Beatles of Queen that I'd wanna hear again so I didn't vote.

3. Avenged Sevenfold
I still like that Satanic Majestys Request album but it's still not THAT awesome but A7x def is! :D

4. System of a Down
SOAD is f**king Epic! :D