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Battle of the Bands - RESULTS


Well-Known Member
For those interested I figured i'd do a full list of results. In the case of ties, earlier votes were tallied to determine who got the higher placing. For those that were exactly the same they remained tied. A predictable top 3, although some of the placements further down are a little surprising.

1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
3. Led Zeppelin
4. System of a Down
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Pink Floyd
7. Avenged Sevenfold
8. Queen
9. Metallica
10. Nirvana
11. Incubus
12. Disturbed
13. Queens of the Stone Age.
14. Linkin Park
15. Tool
16. Muse
17. Breaking Benjamin
18. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
19. Black Sabbath
20. AC/DC
21. The Black Keys
22. The Roots
23. Iron Maiden
24/25/26/27 Five Finger Death Punch / Korn / Blink 182 / Slipknot (tied)
28. Stone Sour
29. Three Days Grace
30. Daft Punk
31. Sex Pistols
32/33/34. 311 / Pantera / She Wants Revenge (tied)
35. Radiohead
36. Donora
37. The Black Crowes
38/39. Florence and the Machine / Shinedown (tied)
40/41. Grateful Dead / Feeder (tied)
42/43. My Chemical Romance / Def Leppard (tied)
44/45/46/47/48. Sonata Arctica / Sublime / Staind / The Midnight Beast / Funkadelic (tied)
49/50/51. Backstreet Boys / 10 Years / Balkan Beat Box
52. All That Remains

Thanks to everyone who voted and made nominations. :)


Haters gonna hate.
A few things made me happy and a few made me upset:

- The Beatles won, and rightfully so.
- Rolling Stones got second, and rightfully so.
- YYYs and Black Keys finished higher than I thought. Great for them. Those who don't listen to them now really should.
- The Roots broke the top 25. The last real hip hop group that hasn't sold out (ahem BEP)

- WTF. SoaD number four? We must have a pretty partial group of voters here, because they did not deserve that spot, in my opinion. I just don't like their sound and they don't have a WOW factor or a revolutionary sound that deserves a top five spot.
- Muse didn't break the top 15. Really? Really? Really? Muse is my generation's Pink Floyd or Led Zep given their pure experimental greatness, and seeing them finish below groups such as Incubus, Linkin Park and Tool is just repulsive.
- LP finished in the top 15. Did anyone listen to A Thousand Suns (whatever their new album is)... whatever.
- Black Sabbath, Grateful Dead, Radiohead and Def Leppard's finishes... UGH. They all needed to be higher. Not even fair or decent finishes.


Registered Member
Thanx for the awesome BOTB threads! :) That musta been tons of work 4 sure!

LP finished in the top 15. Did anyone listen to A Thousand Suns (whatever their new album is)... whatever.
I based my LP vote on Hybrid Theory. They started at the top and dropped fast. A Thousand Suns def = the worst album ever made by anyone.
Even Pendulum's cover for The Catalyst wasn't THAT good.

-- I love music threads like this! :nod:

-- I love All That Remains and they're at the bottom.
-- And I didn't even see Hollywood Undead, Cage The Elephant, or Feeder in the list and I thought they should be at the top. :(


Thanx for the results Lauren, you did a great job during this whole battle!


Sally Twit
Different people, different tastes - that's for sure.

Nice work, Lauren.


still nobody's bitch
I'm surprised Tool placed so low, I know we have a lot of Tool fans here.

Good show, Lauren. <3


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm not really surprised that The Beatles won this thing, there's quite a few fans here. I'm kind of mad that Queen only placed in eight, obviously I thought they deserved to be much higher on the list.

All in all, this was loads of fun. Thanks for doing a great job running this thing Lauren. You were always on top of things.


Son of Liberty
Sad, misinformed world when Backstreet Boys places higher than All That Remains and 10 Years.


Well-Known Member
Sad, misinformed world when Backstreet Boys places higher than All That Remains and 10 Years.
inorite? Although, All That Remains had tough competition. Had they had a different first round match up, they probably would have made at least the next round.