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Battle of the Bands 2012 - Round 2 - Thread 4

which is best?

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Any ties in the last round were decided using the list randomiser (I think there were 5 ties altogether)

Anyway, the next stage. Get voting:

crosby, stills and nash vs deep purple

Voting is the same as last round. Polls are open for 5 days.

You are welcome to post videos of the bands you want to win to try and sway others over. Next stage i'll post videos myself but it's too much at this stage.


aka ginger warlock
Easy one, Deep Purple as I have never heard of crosby, stills and nash and even if I had DP would still win for me.


I am the woolrus
Both people i nominated and two of my favourite bands of all time! Very difficult one this.

Although Deep Purple i think are going to get my vote. As instrumentalists, they were one of the greatest bands of all time. Jon Lord was my No.1 favourite rock keyboardist ever, and Ian Paice is my No.1 favourite drummer of all time, and the main guy who inspired me to start playing drums. I actually had a dream once where we were jamming together :p
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