battle me..


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I will have to go with Sig B

The Font and style are perfect..The backround is awsome..
Sig A is kinda crap..Looks like old and the colour of it is $H!T...Sorry to say

So my vote goes to SIG B


Ugh this is very tough for me.

Sig A, has a unqiue stylistic animation to it that I like, now you didnt do the animation (if you did let me know cause its an instant win for you). However it has a simple yet nice look to it that I really like.

Sig B is very trendy, not to original. Its really trend whorish in my opinon. It is very well done, the technique is solid, as is the execution. The cut out and colors aren't the greatest, still it has a unique feel and appeal to it thats draws me in.

Gonna have to toss my vote to Sig B. All thought sig A does have a nice orginallity to it, unless you did the animations its basically just taking someone eles work and tossing sushi on it and a border...Sig B while not as original as I'd like its just executed so very well that its hard not to like it.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Ima have to go with sig B I like the background and the colors that were used the whole style of it was on point. Sig A was really different because I have never seen a something like that before, but when it came down to it Sig B was just clearly a better sig.

I vote for Sig B.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
My vote goes to Sig A, I love sig B, but Sig A is very original, and you dont see those kind of things very often. good job both of you.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Sig A has my vote this time aswell. It's not everyday u see a fish trying to get away from samurai wanting to eat it while it's getting cut lol. It may not be as graphically cool as sig B, but now a days everyone is making Naruto sigs or anime's that are always watched by ppl >>; *glomps both* I adore both but by a single hair line A gets my vote. Though I really want to see u two battle again.....

Srry I didn't get to vote sooner, I had a appointment yesterday and couldn't get on the computer^^;