Batman Sued By Turkey Batman Mayor


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The Post Chronicle said:
The Mayor of a city in Turkey called Batman is suing director Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. bosses for a cut of their Caped Crusader film franchise.

Huseyin Kalkan has accused the brains behind The Dark Knight of using the city's name without permission in the bizarre new legal action.

The Mayor states, "There is only one Batman in the world. The American producers used the name of our city without informing us."

And Kalkan goes so far as to blame the latest Nolan film for a spate of murders and suicides in Batman.

He also claims the stigma attached to the city makes it almost impossible for local businesses to be taken seriously abroad.

This will not go far. I think the town of Batman is about 50 or so years too late to try and claim a part of the Batman pie. I think I would have changed the town name years ago if i wanted to be taken seriously in the outside world.

Part of this makes me want to laugh and another part just wants to tell the mayor of Batman to STFU!!!!! Go away and try another scam because this one will get you nothing, except laughed at more.


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Haha have the town of Batman only just cottened on to the fact that they have a superhero name? All I see is greed, greed, greed. You don't hear the good people of Spider-man complaining... oh wait they changed their name after spider-man 3. They were like "you can have it!".


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I'd guess the whole point is publicity. They probably know they won't win the lawsuit (except with so many frivolous lawsuits winning, they might have a slight chance). But if I were in that area for some reason, I'd want to stop by to see the town named Batman.