Batman Graphic Novels


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Hi there bat fans.

As most of you know I'm a huge fan of the Bat. :batman:
I was wondering if any of you have read any of the Batman graphic novels?

Here is a list of the Titles I own.

Batman "After Shock"
Batman "Cataclysm"
Batman "No Mans Land"
Batman "A Death in the Family"
Batman "The Long Halloween" (Great story line)
Batman "Haunted Night"
Batman "Dark Victory"
Batman Adventures "Mad Love"
Batman "Child Of Dreams"
Batman "Arkham Asylum"
Batman "The Killing Joke"
Batman "Hush Vol. 1 & 2"
Batman & Dracula "Red Rain"
Batman "Son of the Demon"
Batman "The Cult"
Batman "Gotham by Gaslight"
Batman "Tales of the Demon"
Batman "Gothic"

Those are it for now..I'll add more to the list as I pick them up.
So what's on your list?


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I dont have any of them anymore due to the fact that my mother threw them all away but one I remember reading alot was batman knightfall


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Are some of the older ones worth some good money by now?

If so then that would be pretty unfortunate if they got thrown out.. Especially if they are worth some big bucks.

I guess it just makes the price of everybody else's go up though so they can't complain. :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Chances are they were first prints and they were worth big bucks.

That just sucks..What a waste of all that art work. :cry:

My folks tried to throw out my collection when I was a kid but I out smarted them and hid it all so they couldn't find them. :D
They said it was time to put away childish things like comics and toys.

Now I make a living off comics and toys, (BTW now they don't think they are childish anymore)