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~Batman Dead End~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all..I wanted to share this one with you.


I wish they would finish this one...

This is one of the best non Hollywood productions I have ever seen..

Oh yeah..Rember the show Growing Pains? Well the reason I mention the show is because The Joker is "Boner" mikes friend on the show..

Ans I say he should be the next joker..He looks and sounds the part.

Over all Dead End is the best Bat flick to come out in 2 years. Too bad it's only 8 min long and has the cliff hanger ending..

And yes there is another part out there, i'm sure of it..Ther has to be cause the original showing of it was at a comic con and it was 18 min long.

Well I hope you all liked it..And no I didn't work onthis one..
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