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Movies Batman Dead End


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

A while back I posted about a movie I saw at a comic con and I know some of you didn't get the chance to see this before it got pulled.

Well it's now out again and I thought I would let you all see the movie.

YouTube - Batman - Dead End

Man this one is cool! The joker is Awesome. AVP and batman WOW!!!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Yeah I saw that last time you posted it. It's quite impressive. Do you know who made it?

Too bad the Batman producers didn't consider this guy as the Joker in the new Batman movie. He does a very good job and in fact really reminds me of the cartoon version of the Joker. He even looks like the Joker in the comics.

And of course Alien and Predator vs. Batman makes one sweet movie clip. It's very professionally done for sure!

I want to see a sequel though where it cuts off. It was just starting to get really good..


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I wanna see that part too.

I will have to look it up and get back to you I think his name was Chrei something.

Last I heard WB was in talks with him to do a movie and yes they even want the joker too.

Hey the joker is the guy from Growing Pains "Boner" Mike's friend :-o