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Batman A New Age (Fanfic) Ages 14+


The Super Pimp of GF
Ok this is my own version (a modern day one) of Batman with my own little spin on it I only plan to do a few chapters introducing various things and then I will end it

Chapter 1 “Birthâ€Â
The alarm clock blared loudly as Bruce slowly woke from his deep sleep and hit the clock to make it turn off. He slowly wandered into the bathroom where he turned on the shower and began to brush his teeth. He began thinking about the test in Computer Science that he had that day and how the class had become monotonous and he felt like it was a waste of his time. He was far ahead of even his teacher and his knowledge of computers was the highest in the school. The shower was finally warmed up and he jumped in. The water was hot but it felt refreshing because it was a very cold morning. Bruce’s mom began talking to his father in the back round about the new television that he had purchased. Bruce could hear it clearly “Just because we have recently received a large inheritance from my father doesn’t mean we can spend it on things we don’t need!†Bruce’s grandfather had recently passed and he left a huge amount of money to his child who was Bruce’s mom. She didn’t tell him how much but assured him that it was more than enough to support their family for a very long time.
As he got out of the shower Bruce walked into his bedroom across the hall and decided it was time that he got ready for school. His clothes had just recently been dry-cleaned and they were hard due to the starch. Regardless he got dressed and made his way out side and got in his car. When he arrived at school he was greeted by his friends who cordially welcomed him and inquired what his weekend plans were. They entered the school together and everything progressed as usual. One thing was on Bruce’s mind all day and that was the plan ride that he and his family were taking to California for the week. Bruce was tremendously afraid of flying and the only thing that terrified him more than flying was bats. He drove home and began packing his bags. His parents drove to the airport and prepared everything while Bruce went to the gate to wait. His fear began to well up and his breath got very shallow. His parents arrived and upon seeing his fear they tried to comfort him. He started to cry and told them he didn’t want to go on the plane. His parents felt so bad that they consented to let him stay home and he could go pick up the car and when they got back he would come pick them up. They said their good-byes and then his parents boarded the plane. Bruce took one look at the departure bored and read the flight he was supposed to be on “Flight 1812- New York to Los Angelus- On time†With that he went back to his car and drove home. The entire way home he beat himself up saying that he was just being a coward and should have gone on the flight with his parents.
Bruce arrived home, threw his keys on the counter, kicked his shoes off and turned on the TV. The news was on and without giving it a second glance he changed the channel but the same story was on so he decided it must be worth watching. The headline at the top of the screen read “Flight 1812 crashes mid-flightâ€Â. His heart began pumping harder and harder and then the phone rang. He picked up and it was the police “Hello are you Bruce Wayne the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne?†Bruce could hardly speak but he managed to mutter out a yes. The officer spoke again “I am sorry son but your parent’s plane crashed on their way to its destination and you parents died in the accident. Their bodies are down at the morgue if you want to see them.†Tears began to well up in Bruce’s eyes and he drove speedily down to the morgue. He entered the building and a man at the front desk showed him to their bodies. The man left Bruce alone to mourn and Bruce decided he would investigate the bodies because he couldn’t believe it was an accident. He noticed something odd among the various cuts and bruises a circular hole the size of a bullet that was right above the heart of both of his parents. He immediately knew that there was more to this “crash†than meets the eye.
Bruce left the morgue and drove to the airport and requested the location of where the plane crashed and they told him it was 300 miles outside L.A. Bruce quickly decided to drive to the site of the crash and after a few days of travel he arrived and the remains hadn’t been completely cleaned up. He told the police about his parents being in the plane and they felt since there was nothing harmful in the rubble that it would be ok if he checked it out. Bruce searched it for hours and as it all his efforts paid off. He found a small machine the size of a microchip and he found a broken machine of the same design. He set back for home and bought a complex microscope and noted all information he could about the make-up of the device and looked up what it did. The devices were mini jamming machines that could halt frequencies such as radio, cell phone or any other transmissions. They were too weak to do too much by themselves but if a large number were in close proximity of each other then they would be able to jam any transmissions.
Bruce immediately knew what this meant: the accident wasn’t an accident. The plane was obviously hijacked and whoever did it obviously wanted to make it look like a normal accident but why would they shoot his parents? Regardless he knew one thing that he had to find out who did this and why they did it. He left his normal school and went into accelerated courses at a college and honed his mind constantly. He spent years training his mind. Before he went back home he knew he couldn’t stop the people who destroyed the plane unless he was stronger so he left his new school to train his body. He spent 5 years training he learned Karate, Ninjas, Jujitsu and other martial arts forms.
He was now 25 years and returned to New York. Using his enhanced intelligence and the inheritance money his mom had received he started up a technology company that quickly took off. After a few short months his company was one of the largest computer application companies in the world. He knew the time had come for him to start to investigate his parent’s murder. He was old enough for people to listen to him and he would have the capital to finance his search. Despite his success he thought that he would have to take matters into his own hands so be had to come up with a way to search anonymously.

Chapter 2 “Aliasâ€Â
Bruce gathered some high-tech grappling hooks and other assorted items he could use and decided he would take an active approach to finding the people who killed his parents. He dressed in black pants, a black ski mask with a black sweatshirt and black shoes and went hunting for information. He traversed the city and came upon a woman being robbed. Even though he knew it wasn’t his business Bruce jumped in and began fighting the robber. He started laughing at Bruce and mocking him. Bruce easily overcame the robber and tied him up and put him in front of the police station. Bruce returned back to his house which was a run down shack considering he never spent any money on his house. An idea hit him at that instant. If he developed a costume that could strike fear in the hearts of criminals then he could get information much easier. He also thought about improving his living conditions. By now he had amassed millions of dollars and could afford a new an improved house. In order to make him being a young millionaire seem more plausible he decided to take on a lifestyle that suited a person of his high stature.
He looked at many properties and decided to build his house on a completely new site. He felt it was perfect because it had underground caverns and he planned to change those caverns into a base like area where he could go and work. The mansion was majestic and gigantic. After construction of the main building was complete he took over and designed the underground fortress. There he sat underground trying to decide what his new suit would look like and it hit him. He would design a special new type of suit that could be used for other means besides crime fighting. So he spent months designing a new type of suit that attached to the nerves in the body and amplified the strength of the wearer and if the person was paralyzed then it would repair the nerves and allow the person to have limited movement.
After he had designed the cloth he had to come up with a theme for his suit. He needed something to scare people and gain respect. He thought of his childhood and how he used to be scared of bats. He began cutting cloth and after he had a rough design he began enhancing the suit with other gadgets such as special form of vision in the eye slits, a utility belt, extendable claw hands and an elemental resistant cape. The suit was black with a gold triangle in the center and branching off of the triangle was blue that went around the cape. Once he was ready he prepared to go out and test the suit out.
The whole night he fought criminals and struck fear in the hearts of each one and as each day passed the rumors of “The Batman†began to spread like wildfire. Newspapers and news programs constantly had stories on about him and questioning who he was and why he was in New York. Meanwhile Wayne industries was progressing faster than ever thanks to Bruce’s new neuro-link cloth. Bruce realized he had become distracted because of all the hype he forgot his true reasons for becoming the Batman which was to find out the truth about the tragic death of his parents.

Chapter 3- “Radicalsâ€Â
Bruce woke up early one morning and decided he would watch some television to see if there were any major crimes recently. The names of over 20 girls flashed across the screen and the news woman came back on the screen “Recently there has been an accelerated kidnapping spree. There has been no known connection made between the kidnappings but authorities are trying their best to find the girls and stop the kidnappers.†Bruce turned off the TV and began to pace around his master bedroom. “Good thing I wrote down all the names of the girls. I will go to Wayne industries headquarters and do some research†Bruce walked through his mansion and after dressing in his new black pinstripe suit he got in his Mercedes Benz and drove to work.
Upon entering the complex he was cordially greeted by the doorman who handed him all the messages of employees that had accumulated. He sifted through them until he came to a strange one that was obviously not one of his employees. The not read “Hey Bruce it’s been a while I just wanted to give you a ring to see if you are still alive. - Vicky Vale†Bruce laughed to see a message from a childhood friend of his and put it along with all the other messages in his back pocket. He finally got to his office and began typing the names of the girls on the list into his computer and pulled up all existing info on each girl. The only matches that he could find were that they are all teens and all of them were attractive. The facts didn’t add up Bruce was completely puzzled but at that instant his secretary came busting with a huge stack of papers for him to read and sign.
He finally finished at 11 o’clock at night and he was completely exhausted so he decided to go home and sleep. On his drive home he got stuck at a traffic light and when he looked out his window he saw a man grab a girl and drag her into a nearby alley. He immediately pulled over his car and jumped out. Since he always wore his suit under his clothes he took his suit off and revealed the Bat-suit underneath. He put his mask on and ran into the alley. He caught up with them but decided to lag behind so they could lead them to their hideout. They walked for a while until they were in front of an abandoned warehouse. The kidnapper walked into the building and stamped his foot on the ground only to reveal an underground passage. Batman followed after him. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs he looked around and saw thousands of men standing around. Batman whispered to himself “Now is a good time to try out my new stealth mode†he touched the gold piece on his chest and instantly he went invisible.
He walked in and watched as the men all walked backwards and came back with one naked girl each. Batman thought to himself “My God! There are so many of them and they look like they are not only from New York.†A man wearing a huge headpiece walked to the center of the group and began to speak “We have brought these virgins to the temple of our lord, Ramsay. They will be our sacrifices in order to release Ramsay from his eternal seal so he shall smite the sinners!†Batman could take no more of this and he jumped in and threw a bat-a-rang at a large statue that was elevated off the ground causing it to topple. He stopped his stealth mode and began to fight the men not only using his gadgets but his muscles. One after another he beat the men down and after he had defeated enough of them he yelled for the girls to run away. The girls almost made it out but a giant stone creature appeared in front of them.
Batman threw an exploding ball at it and the blast didn’t even scratch the creature. Batman decided to take a new approach. He ran up to the creature and tied a rope around his feat and pulled the rope tight and the creature came crashing to the ground and it was exposed for nothing more than a giant robot. The girls made their way out of the temple and to the surface and stood waiting for Batman to come back out. All of the sudden the passageway collapsed apparently sealing Batman in but when they looked up Batman was on the ceiling of the warehouse “Go to the police department girls and then head home you are very brave†With that he jumped through a skylight and exited the warehouse. The girls ran out and began wildly applauding him and screaming thank you.
The next morning Bruce woke up to see on the TV that the police had arrested the surviving members of the cult and the girls were sent home. The one thing that the news reporter said about Batman’s involvement was that he was a help in the rescue but Bruce laughed knowing that he didn’t save them for recognition.


Amazing. I never really knew much about the batman, but I knew that his parents died in some kind of accident. Beautifully put together. Good luck with the next chapters.


The Super Pimp of GF
Lol it isnt like the batman story line tho lol in reality this is what happens
His parents are billionares and are killed outside a movie theater and he is orphaned he travels the world and learns martial arts returns to gotham and puts togetehr the whole batman personae I decided to edit it to make it more realistic or at least not as fantastical. I am a huge fan of Batman and I am trying to not stray miles away but I want to create my version of Batman I didnt want to butcher it lol


oh ok. well, anyways, it seems wonderful to me. I await the next installments.