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Hell, It's about time!
I don't care. If I gotta go, I gotta go. It's not like I'm gonna meet the people ever again. Especially on long trips.


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Considering once (under the influence of alcohol) I took a dump infront of a security camera outside a music college I tend to find taking a dump in public pretty easy. If there's four walls around me I can go, if there isn't four walls around me but I'm off my face on the alcohol... I can go.


still nobody's bitch
I'm a shy pooper. I'm forever on the lookout for a safe haven on campus. I haven't found one yet.
Only at home for me. With all the diseases out there today, I don't want to catch one by sitting on something. :lol:

I'll hold it.


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I dont like going into public bathrooms unless I absolutey have too. I just dont like the idea of having other guys who I dont know touching the same toilet as me. Plus I dont like the idea of other people around me like that, even with the walls.