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Or pwn'd or whatever you call it. Last night got a call from my mom and she was calling to see how things were. Told her everything was fine and everything and she heard that my brother's girlfriend messed up our down spout by backing out of the driveway and told her it's no problem at all, we can get that fixed. So she was like your younger brother has a girlfriend and I said yeah. Then my mom was like when are you going to get a girl and there was a pause and I told her its not my fault I'm ugly. This is how I really look like without my wig and I don't think any girl out there will give me a chance anyways.

dude you really arn't bad off at all. I've seen guys 20 times uglier than you (you're not even ugly) with girls sixty thousand times out of their league. It's not all about looks, it's about confidence. Act confident in who you are and what you've got and they'll be more receptive.


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At the risk of sounding gay, you're not ugly. But if you're going to try one of those online dating sites, don't use that picture. I'm pretty sure women find shoveling food into your mouth as disgusting as I do.


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Dude that's a load of crap. First off even if there's confidence, you don't get to pick who comes after you. Just relax, and just flow. Where ever your going in life you'll bump into these woman who become really special to to you, of course you deserve it . Deserve ti more than some guy sneaking around on his girl thats' twice out of his league because he doesn't like the same hoo hah all the time. you can't make someone fall for you, so you can't go out looking for it, it just has to happen naturally, but first you just gotta relax. Say to yourself, I'm worth, I'm worth it, and it'll work out... the way it's meant to at least. There is an italian saying that says, "No one will ever take the one who is meant for you".


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You're not ugly. You also have an interesting personality.

But don't give in to pressure. Next time your mom asks you, tell her "would you really want another one person to mess with our downspout?" :lol:


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My mom asked me why I don't have a girlfriend today. And I told her that I'm gay. None laughed harder than I did when I went for a quickie at my whores house.
Also, it's all about confidence, man. If you don't have it, it'll show.
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I agree with TG, don't use that picture for dating sites but I don't see why you shouldn't be able to get a girlfriend. Just be funny, relaxed, and be yourself.

Also, don't put that picture of you with the wig on dating sites either... :lol: