Basic Income and Africa

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    This article tells of a basic income program implemented in a poor Namibian village with great results. By giving everyone in the village $13 a month, school attendance went from around 40% to 92%*, child malnourishment is down from 42% to 10%, police reports show less theft and poaching, and many of the villagers have started their own businesses. This suggests to me that the poor areas of Africa could be set on the road to progress were such programs to become widespread.

    *Namibia doesn't have a free public school system, and tuition is too high for many to afford.

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    Fine. She's well on her way to self-reliance, so now she can feed the rest of her village. But If you feel like it's necessary to pump even more money into that village, please feel free to dig into your own pocket and send as much as you want.
    I'm trying to run my own business, and my own government is taxing me and my business so heavily that I barely have enough left to support my own family. I'm tapped out, so I can't help you, or them.
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    I wasn't asking you for money or trying to make you feel guilty. A basic income program is something Namibia can implement on its own without a dime of extra foreign aid or charity.
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    I was involved with a Christian program that does this exact thing. With World Vision you sponsor a child for $30/month. This money goes to village programs similar to what you've described and the people that sponsor a child get to mentor him. World Vision does the work of getting the village online and we get to provide a Christian witness to a child in the village. Often these programs are so successful that the World Vision team will leave the village after just a few years. It's astonishing what just a little money can do.
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