Based off of a House episode...


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Tonight's episode started with a couple being told that their child had both male and female DNA. Thus through surgery it could be made a 'boy' or a 'girl'.

If you had absolute control over the gender of your one child, what gender would you give it?


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it would depend...i watched the episode and it didn't seem clear to me if the gender chosen would be able to procreate as the decided gender.

i'm selfish i guess in that i would probably choose boy to keep my family name going, provided the procreation issue allows it.


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I already have three kids, a boy and two girls. After my second child, I really didn't care anymore what sex my third would have because I got both already. Now if it's just my first child, I'd go for a boy. I would like to know the risks of the surgery before. If it's too risky, I'd rather let nature decide than to create problems for my baby just because I prefer a specific sex.
If my child were born as a hermoaphrodite, I'd choose a boy. Frankly taking part in a sport activity with my son would be more enjoyable than playing dolls.


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Hmm... If my wife/girlfriends baby would have both Female and Male DNA, I would choose the gender that had the largest portion of DNA, as this would leave out the risk of the child keeping some features of the opposite sex.
But, if there was an equal amount of DNA for both sexes, I'd go for a boy...


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Are we talking about picking the gender beforehand, or the specific situation in the house episode?

If it's the former, I frankly wouldn't care. I'm not horribly concerned with having a son or daughter, either would be fine. If it's the latter, there have been cases where that exact thing has happened, a baby is born with both male and female sex organs, like say, one testicle and one ovary, and they'll just remove the male sex organs. Later on in life once the child reached puberty, it would cause weird hormonal imbalances and other medical problems. If it were that kind of situation, I frankly wouldn't know what to do. I'd want to avoid the situation I mentioned before, but who knows what would happen if you did nothing?


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I would definitely choose a boy, now don't be offended here, but I much rather have a boy, because guys are more bound to play sports then girls, I am not saying girls don't play sports. I would also like to continue the family name, so by having a boy it keeps it going.
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