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yo i like baseball, and my team is the yankees. don't im just there cause they win a lot, cause they haven't won in 4 years stop reminding me!!!

anyways, i just read the Marlins owner went to...
San Antonio?? WTF IS THIS???
maybe they will move there. talk about actually anysports i dont care


4 legs good 2 legs bad
You made a topic to tell us you're a Yankees fan? The Yankees are exactly what's wrong with baseball. It's hilarious that they haven't been able to win with an All-Star line-up and payroll almost double the next highest. Steinbrenner is a piece of shit.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I root for the Cubs and White Sox, and I root for the Yankees and Cardinals to lose.


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I used to root for the A's, but then the A's screwed themselves on multiple occasions, then I rooted for the Red Sox, until I realized that Red Sox fans suck, so now I don't root for anybody, or anybody who can whoop the Yankee's asses.


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Orioles for life. When they're not winning, I usually go with the sleeper for that season (White Sox, for example).


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I'm 50/50 on the Yankees budget. Part of me says if you can afford it, go for it, but the other half of me says that Monopoly is bad and discourages competition.

The Yankees clearly have a Baseball Monopoly. For the good of the game, I don't think it's fair.