Baseball warm-up


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I've been playing baseball for a little whlie now and have my own setup of how I get ready, but I was wondering how everyone else who plays get's ready before their game.


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I get into my routine. Get my shoes and that , Get them on and that and then get my batting gloves and put them on while I put on my glove and then grab my bat but first I put on my shades. No matter what the weather , ALWAYS wear shades.


well because its his routine. if yoru comfertable you play comfertable. i personaly alwyas started everything with the left side of my body. from puting on my jock to lacein up my shoes, and continued that ritual when i got my catching equipment on. and taking everything off startin on the right. there are stranger ones out there than that. we had a few strange team ones but they worked.
The team ones rocked. I've got a couple ones.

I always...always kiss my hat before I put it on. I put my pants on first then shirt, no matter what. I put my batting gloves on, then take them back off and put them in my pants. I always keep my cleats out of my bag and then put them in.

Before I ever got to the locker room, I always read a couple quotes that I have on my computer.

Thats just a few of them.


yeah loved the blessing of the bats by schroder.


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I don't really have a routine, but I like to stretch before the game, then just zone out, and clear my mind. Then I like to take a few swings with a bat, and just pretend I was facing a pitcher and pretend that the ball was coming at me. Then I like to take a jog around the park. Then get ready to play some baseball.
It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you really play in. For me I don't really need one because my team for the most part usually wins so I just know that if I play my game then I'll be fine. I don't like stretching before a game , I never did find that any good but music and some warm up songs and run some small laps before hand just to get you pumped or whatever should really work wonders.