Baseball that started Spring Break


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Are you going to start your own museum like Golden Palace? I think that would be cool. Baseball, so much painful memories for me. I have a huge bump on the back of the head because someone threw a baseball at me. When I played baseball, I would always get hit. Should of charged the mound.


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WOW! I'm thrilled to see this auction take off like this! WTG Andrew for getting into the game! I'd love to see you win but I'd also like to see GP get into it and the price to go wayyy up! Twice as much as the Jesus door, the mystery safe and almost 5 times as much as the haunted Stitch! Forget fixing the bathroom.....send the kids to a relative and take a WELL deserved vacation!!! :)


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good luck Andrew... but its quite alot for one "baseball"

I think it would be ironic, if GP outbids you in the final minute!!


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OK here's how "out of the loop" I am! I had to have someone explain to me what the heck Golden Palace is! LOL! As if $1000 isn't insanely high enough for a baseball, my friends are telling me that I may get even more from this place! I totally can't believe it!!! And the thing is, I don't really care about this auction anymore because I've just had about 400 people tell me that I should write a book! I've had a few publishers contact me! I'm just totally floored!!!
After reading through some posts, it looks like most of you have had BIG auctions like this and are always thinking of the next big idea! I can see now why you'd want to come up with another and another idea! This is probably the easiest money I've ever made. Incredible.
Now, I'm going to start paying attention to all the weird auctions on Ebay!


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Well you have come to the right place! :) Help spread the word lol!

So far I have made over $50,000 on "high profile auctions" since the end of January this year. I know there are others who post here who have also made tens of thousands of dollars off of these as well!

And about the book, I got a TON of offers like that. Don't expect anything to turn up for the most part. In less than a day somebody else will be on the top of the "Most Watched Items" page. Follow through with your book contacts though. You never know. :) And once your auction sells, let me know and I will give you access to the "Players Club" section on this forum, available exclusively to "High Profile" members! :)