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Discussion in 'Collector's Corner' started by mart1, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. mart1

    mart1 Registered Member

    I have just been given a few hundred Baseball cards to list for a friend and one Michael Jordan mint basketball card with a commemorative book !! I am trying to do research before listing them but there are so many types that I am lost !! And even within the individual types there are different cards !! I have Bowman, Topps, Fleer, Upper Deck, Sportflics 3Ds, Leaf, Donruss, and a bunch of the fancier cards with Gold & Silver embossing, and a couple that are mini`s. These are from a teens collection and are mostly late 80`s & 90`s cards !! How would one begin to organize, catagorize & sell these??? I do not even have a clue which are the most collectable or which players are more collectable !! And I am a member in the PSA forums but these guys speak in a different language,,,,!!! I also have a GM Mint Michael Jordan, Upper Deck, basketball card with a commemorative hardcover book to be listed !! I can`t find this particular book anywhere !! It is called "Welcome Back Michael, A Commemorative Edition" Any help, hints, advice would be appreciated !!!

  2. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    I've had about 500,000 cards sitting in my basement for 3 years, with no idea where to start. I was thinking of unloading the lot on some kind buy come n get emmm auction! It's just such a pain in the butt to list them all individually.
  3. mart1

    mart1 Registered Member

    Well, I do not have near that many in this group but if yours only brought a buck each, your OK !! These are for my grandaughters boyfriend to help get his car fixed, so I want them to at least bring enough to help !!
  4. helpisontheway

    helpisontheway Registered Member

    Michael Jordan is always a wanted card... I do believe it is his Rookie card from any makers... however, I think Fleer and Topps are the most wanted... either 86 or 87 is the rookie year...
  5. Msbabedoll

    Msbabedoll Registered Member

    I wish you good luck on it. I tried selling some cards and didn't have any luck until i put my life story on with it and then they sold pretty good till Ebay tour my playhouse down. They are good at that!!

    Good luck with it, I hope you can find someone to buy them. Have you check
  6. mart1

    mart1 Registered Member

    I tried to look at the price guide at the Beckett site but you have to pay to use it !! Figured I`d just find another one !! I am not sure that it would help unless I know what I am looking at !! The Michael Jordan is a basketball card, not baseball & it is an Upper Deck Collectors Choice Star Quest 171 Card from 98 !! It is in a hard plastic case that was sealed by Upper Deck & hasn`t been opened !! The case is scratched but the card is just like it came from UD. ! I am really curious about the book since I can`t find it anywhere !! It sure has great pics though!!
  7. Msbabedoll

    Msbabedoll Registered Member

    Hey what I did was did a search of the card and card number and checked others prices of the cards I did that on Beckett. I wasn't going to pay for pricing either.
  8. TwilightDawn

    TwilightDawn ~Bus Driver's Pet~

    You can buy price guides at the sooper market...I know a lot about them as I have been collecting Topps since '85. I love my cards!
  9. mart1

    mart1 Registered Member

    Hey , I finally found the book , but is was no big deal !! I think I will wait to list these 2 !! I am not too impressed with any of MJ`s card prices !!

    What are you talking about that you can find at the market ?? I haven`t seen anything but then I am in a little town in Texas with only one super market & it is Brookshires !! Could be they do not have them here !!
  10. TwilightDawn

    TwilightDawn ~Bus Driver's Pet~

    Ya you normally find them at an Albertsons or Kroger market. I have even found them in the 7 11 by my house.

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