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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, Mar 10, 2007.

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    He's been in the Baseball news for a very long time linked to have used steroids. I was wondering what do you think of him as a person and baseball player? Will you care if he breaks the All Time Homerun record? Does he belong in the Hall of Fame?

  2. blenderboy55

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    I will be disappointed if Bonds becomes the homerun king.

    He is a terrible person.

    He belongs in the Hall of Fame.

    We have two options right now:

    Either disqualify any and all players from the steroid era from the HOF due to the fact that we can't go back in time and test and we can't accuretly test for HGH

    Let "deserving players in."
  3. SuiGeneris

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    I disagree on a lot of levels, but let's just stick withe steriod issue first. Steriods have been apart of baseball as long as it's been around. Whether it's just been the HGH or other forms of steroids. Performance enhancers are all around the realm of sports itself, and the players that take them want to get better. They are so dedicated to the sport that they destroy their own bodies. Do I approve of this method? Hell no!! Do I think it makes them a bad person? Hell no!!

    I take portein supplements to build muslce and burn fat while I work out for baseball, does that make me a bad person? It's the same concept (on a smaller scale of course), I'm putting something in my body to help me achieve something that I may not be able to do otherwise. Any player that takes steroids does it, because they want to be better, and as far as that is concerned, I respect them for their love of the game.

    People romanticize the past. They think the days of Babe Ruth and Micky Mantle were the "pure days" of baseball. Babe Ruth was possibly one of the worst examples of a baseball player in history. He drank daily, smoked, spat, cussed, punched reporters, did just about everything wrong. However, the media respected him, and now he's a hero. The same can't be said for people like Mark McGuire and Bonds whose only crime is an attempt to be better. (Still hasn't bee completely proven)

    Even if Bonds hadn't have taken steroids (assuming he has) he was still a HoF calibur player. 40 Home Runs and 40 stolen bases is something to think about. He is and was a good player. You still have to have the hand-eye coordination to be able to hit the ball, and that ball is about 4 inches wide, coming at 90+, spinning, dancing, and diving. Takes a hell of a batter to be able to hit that well consistantly in the Bigs. Why take that away from him? He hits the ball well one way or the other.

    Also, qualify "deserving players." How is Babe Ruth and Micky Mantle (Drinkers to the max) deserving when players like Pete Rose (hustled more than any other man in the league) arn't?

    The only true homerun king in my mind is Roger Marris. You can argue that to hell if you want.
  4. blenderboy55

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    1) Let's get one thing straight here. I never said Bonds was a terrible person because he juiced. I think he has a terrible personality, and the person Bonds (outside of baseball) is a real dick

    2) People think Mantle and Ruth are great players because they did everything without performance enhancing drugs. I'm not necessarily supprorting it, but the argument goes that if Bonds and Aaron, and Ruth juiced, Bonds would be a distant (very distant) third in the homerun chase.

    3) I have no doubt that, had bonds not juiced, he would have been in the HOF

    4) I think that Rose should be in the HOF. However, the argument is that Ruth and Mantle didn't cheat, while Rose did.

    But what do you have against players who drink? It doesn't boost their performance, quite the opposite actually.
  5. LakerJazz

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    1. As a person, Bonds seems to be a bit of an arrogant jerk. But he is also incredibly strong-minded and dedicated to his craft and works harder than anyone perhaps ever has in his sport to become the greatest he can be.. And frankly, given the garbage the media has become, if I were a professional athlete, I'd treat the buffoons far less plotiely than Bonds has.

    2. I will be very glad when he breaks Aaron's record. I don't care if he did steroids or not. He used whatever means he could to be able to work on his game to the maximum. putting limits on what professional athletes can do in order to become the best they can be is absurd on it's very face. In all of professional sports history, there have been few sights as compelling as Bonds at the plate during his great run from 2000-2004. The greatest 5 year hitting spree in history as far as I am concerned.

    3. Bonds is IMO, the greatest baseball player of all time. Of course I think he belongs in the HOF.
  6. blenderboy55

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    1+2) If by "worked really hard" you mean injected roids into his ass, you're right lol.
  7. LakerJazz

    LakerJazz Guest

    Don't paint me with the same cologne of simple-mindedness that you seem to have bathed in. The above response shows that you obviously have absolutely no idea how steroids work, or of modern training techniques. You really should do some research before writing in a public forum.
  8. blenderboy55

    blenderboy55 Guest

    It was a joke, hence the "lol."
  9. SuiGeneris

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    Joke aside, the point was extremely naive. This goes back to my other post, steroids may put a whopping 10-20 extra feet on your ball (wow thats far) but it doesn't make you hit the ball better. It takes skill just to hit the ball in the bigs (like I said in my first post) and Bonds put in over 500 swings per day to keep his swing the way it is. I'm not sure if you are aware of how much work that is. Maybe you should go out and try that some day.

    Don't get me wrong, I see what you're saying. It's just the media paints steriods as this magic formula that can make any average Joe a home-run hitting God, and it's just not true. Most people that take steriods are un-coordinated as hell and are horrible batters, Bonds (if he took it) would have to work even harder on his swing just to keep it fluid and at the point he liked it. It takes a lot of work, one way or another, to get a swing down.
  10. blenderboy55

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    That's why I think Bonds was HOF bound before he juiced.

    And if you believe Game of Shadows, that makes it even worse. The books asserts that Bonds juiced because, though he was HOF bound, he was jealous of McGwire.

    One thing to note is that steroids help a player's eye. It improves their eye, leading to better pitches, leading to more homers also.

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