Barry Bonds 90's only vs. Albert Pujols


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This is about 90's-only Bonds only (not his 2000+ years), vs. Albert Pujols. So who's better?

Here are some numbers.

Bonds 1990-1999 vs Pujols 2001-2010, per 162 games

Bonds: 1434 G, .302/.434/.602, 179 OPS+. 41 HR, 122 RBI, 124 R, 34 doubles, 130 BB, 85 K, 39 SB, 11 CS

Pujols: 1500 G, .331/.425/.622, 171 OPS+, 42 HR, 128 RBI, 122 R, 44 doubles, 95 BB, 67 K, 8 SB, 4 CS


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Bonds - he could run, and was a top-tier fielder. Their hitting stats are too similar for me to pick someone based on that.


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Pujols is the better defensive player but the stolen base stats for Bonds probably puts him over Albert by a little bit.

But, of course, Bonds is a steroid user so do with that as you want