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Barista refuses to remake drink or add more milk to it


New Member
Barista refuses to remake my drink or add more milk to it
I am so upset, I had a drink made at Starbucks, they made it wrong, and when they made it they showed it to me and from what I could see it looked good but I waited a bit and when the whip melted the drink was like an inch down from the rim! So they had filled it up with an inch of just whip cream and when I showed them this and explained it and asked for more milk they refused to do it and refused to remake it saying well I showed it to you before and its just fine, well I couldn't tell before that they used so much whip cream. And they refused to remake it and told me to stop talking.


I'm serious
How did they make it wrong to begin with? Why did you ask them to remake it? The drink will drop a bit when the whipped cream settles. How can you be sure they didn't make you a new coffee and then added the cream on top. you must have wanted cream on it anyway, so what exactly was wrong with it?

I don't think it's right of them to tell you to stop talking, seeing as you are the customer. But I do understand them not maybe wanting to remake it for you a third time. It costs them money to make those coffees and if they feel like I are giving you what you asked for, they can't keep redoing it.