Bargnani Working Hard To Return

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Apr 17, 2007.

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    Toronto Star -
    Andrea Bargnani, who had an appendectomy March 21 that kept him out of 11 games before missing two with a sinus infection, went through a tough workout at the Air Canada Centre on Monday, his first exhaustive session since the surgery.

    He only practiced twice after the operation before getting hit by the sinus problem that set him back again.

    While he said Monday he's feeling better, the team figures he will get more benefit from a workout in Toronto today rather than playing in a meaningless game against the Pistons.

    "We worked him hard, we'll see how he recovers and work him hard again and then see," coach Sam Mitchell said Monday

  2. andrew_bishop

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    Well hopefully he can be in full swing for the playoffs. No matter who the Raps play they could really use this guy in the line up. He can do a lot and even though he is a rookie he is a damn good player for the Raps and if they can hold onto him I think the risk they took with drafting him will good very good. This is a guy who brings a lot of the same things as Dirk does to the table and hopefully this injury don't be the start of a list of them.
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    I really hope that Andrea plays tonight versus the 76ers just to get atleast one game under is belt before the playoffs start. He doesn't need to play a lot of minutes. But being in a real game and hitting a few shots down will bring is confidence back up, and will help him back with the speed of the game. We really need this guy in shape when it comes playoff time. He's a big plus to our team.
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    He has been a huge plus this year and really this is only the beginning of his career. If the Raps can manage to hold on to the team they have now or make small adjustments then I think they can go far because they have amazing players and one of the best dept cores around. Bargnani is one of the biggest pluses for the Raps this year and hopefully it will be the same in the years to come.

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