Bargnani, Garbajosa, Foye, Aldridge And Gay Join Roy On Rookie Team

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, May 8, 2007.

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    RealGM -
    Brandon Roy of the Portland Trail Blazers , the
    2006-07 T-Mobile NBA Rookie of the Year, headlines a talented group of rookies named to the T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie Team, the NBA announced today.

    Roy is joined on the T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie First Team by Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani (57 points), Minnesota’s Randy Foye (48 points), MemphisRudy Gay (39 points), Toronto’s Jorge Garbajosa (37 points) and Portland’s LaMarcus Aldridge (37 points).

    Marcus Williams of the Nets joins Utah’s Paul Millsap, Charlotte teammates Adam Morrison and Walter Hermann, Chicago’s Tyrus Thomas, Minnesota’s Craig Smith and Boston’s Rajon Rondo on the All-Rookie Second Team.

  2. Celtic Fan

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    WTF, 6 players on the all-rookie team?!?!

  3. onez88888888

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    It was a tie between Garbajosa and Aldridge (both 37 points)
  4. StroShow

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    Good to see two Raptors rookies make this team. Even though Garbojosa is 30 years of age. The future is really bright for Andrea Bargnani and I'm sure that this All Rookie team is only the beginning for this young talent.

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