Do What Thou Wilt
Alright, who here likes BArbeque?

Now I'm talking about REAL barbeque. Not making a few hamburgers on the grill. Not that thats not good, I fucking love doing that. I'm talking about smokey ribs slow cooked in a smoker with delectable sauce and a hint of spice.

So how do you like barbeque? What is your prefered cut? Type? Smoke?

Alright, now, Barbeque has virtually been ingrained into my being. My father was once deeply involved in starting not one but TWO barbeque chains that are well renoun in Massachusetts. First Tennessees, and, then Firefly's. My dad taught both the founders of those chains everything they know about Barbeque. So you'd imagine that he makes some awesome barbeque. And he does. He and I prefer Texas style Brisket. He buys a nice cut from a local grocery store. and he take sour grill, oddly enough, and puts some very nice Mesquite chips in the smoker (I prefer Apple though). And he smokes it for many hours, and it ends up beautifully tender and PERFECTLY saucy and flavorful.

Talk about Barbeque, mother fuckers.
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The only way I can cook properly is on a barbeque, haha. I would always be outside with my dad cooking the meat whatever the weather, whilst my mum and brother stay indoors. My friends and their parents all think it's really strange that we use our BBQ all year round, at least 3 times a week. Most people in England only use theirs in Summer or random hot days. It's just like a second oven to me.

Um, I don't know much technical stuff though..