Lion Rampant
Mmmhmm. How much you want?

This is my longtime friend Rodney Walker, who spent thirty years as a quadriplegic after breaking his neck at age sixteen. The executors of his estate, God bless their hearts, distributed his belongings to family and friends, recognizing that there were a lot of us who loved him. Since he was a huge X-Men fan, there was a Wolverine doll in my allotment. I'm going to keep that. One of the other things was a box of mint condition comic books.

Did you think I was asking for money? What a crack-addled Baltimore Glory'ole. :lol: Rod would be so happy to know that those ended up in the hands of a fellow fan. No, that picture was a 'soda man,' playing off your previous post. Oh, Tucker, how you make me slap my knee!

i r jst kpg wrd kk :) <3


Ess Tii Eph Yu
Oh. I get it now. Sometimes Tuck your humor is out there. rofl.

I'll love them like my own children. I'll give them all names and send you periodic updates on their condition.