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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Shikimi_Farkash, Nov 20, 2009.

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    I just started this one to talk about Obama. I don't really like the guy mainly because I've heard he lied to get a scholarship. That's just not cool. I also don't like his healthcare policies. The idea of government-run health care is just stupid. THe government can't seem to do anything right; having them run healthcare would be a disaster. So what do all you guys think about Obama?

  2. Merc

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    I have nothing against the man himself, but I haven't liked almost all of his policies so far, especially the bailout. It's an old stereotypical democrat solution, "throw money at it." I just hate how in Capitalistic society, he thought that saving failed companies would somehow be beneficial to the economy.
  3. Airfield

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    If the government couldn't do anything right, USA would be a third world country.
  4. CaptainObvious

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    I've never heard of him lying to get a scholarship, I'm pretty sure the scholarships he obtained were based on merit.

    What about his healthcare policies to you object to?

    I'm not a fan of a lot of his policies or his philosophy in general, but I wouldn't say I don't like him, I don't know him personally or enough about him personally to say I don't. Based on what we do know about him on a personal level, he seems like a nice enough guy so I wouldn't say I dislike him.
  5. micfranklin

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    To say the least, I know next to nothing about how the healthcare system works but I do know that people deserve the right to the best health care available, and it sucks that countries like Denmark or Sweden are ranked top 5.
  6. CaptainObvious

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    They deserve the best healthcare from whom?

    I wouldn't put too much stock in a lot of those listings, they're based on the countries themselves providing their own information.
  7. Sim

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    As CO said, I don't know him personally, so I can't say whether I like him as a person. But as a public figure and politician, I like him more than I dislike him. At any rate, he is a great orator, his speeches are inspiring, and he comes across as honest and open minded. But of course that doesn't say much about his qualities as President -- those qualities are more a yardstick for his qualities as talkshow host. ;)

    That doesn't mean I agree on all of his policies. For example, I am not happy he postponed the dissolution of Gitmo and took no action so far to end secret sites where people are extralegally held and refused fair trials. I'm not against the bank bailouts, because I think the economy would be even much worse off if money had not been "thrown at them" (a major reason for the depression in 1929 was the failure to rescue banks), and I don't oppose public health care in general, although I know too few about the current proposals to have an opinion on the details.

    At any rate, despite all flaws, I am very fond of Obama's foreign policies: He once again respects America's NATO allies, has reached out a hand to the Muslim world, and ended this silly, entirely needless confrontation with Russia. He is genuinely interested in cooperation, rather than bullying everybody around, and has already achieved quite a lot on this route (Russia now cooperates with the West to put pressure on Iran, for example, while their refusal to do so in the past was a major problem for Bush).

    If he'll be a successful President is not yet to be determined ... maybe we can say more in 3 years. If he gets through everything he's started, I'd consider him a success, but if most of it will remain a topic of nice speeches and nothing gets done, he'd rather be a bad President. But at any rate, he is a major improvement over Bush, so much is obvious already -- Bush's foreign policy was atrocious (I think even Bush supporters can admit that was not his strongest side), and basically everything Bush touched went down the gutter.
    I don't know much about the details of different health care systems in different countries, but I think most people will agree that the system as it is in the US now has many flaws, and that it's a shame that in one of the richest countries on this planet, a two digit million number of people (were it 50 million?) has no health insurance.

    No matter if private, public, or semi-private, a health care system should make sure that everybody has access to it, and that the urgency of your illness/need for treatment determines who gets treated first, and not the size of the paycheck of the patient. Resources on the field of health care should not be distributed along the lines of social status, but only along the lines of urgency. I don't think an entirely private system can make that sure.

    I'd leave the details about how to achieve that to experts, may they come up with a good plan.

    But I like the idea of a pool fund, to balance social inequality when it comes to health insurance: Everybody should pay a certain percentage of his income into this pool, so that low-income people pay less, high-income people pay more, and everybody then gets the same insurance coverage financed by this pool fund. This way, health insurance could remain mostly private, just this pool fund would be public. Ideally, you could have the best of both worlds -- the efficiency of the free market, and the fairness of public solutions.
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  8. blackhorse

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    i share the same thoughts as SIM..and about obama's scholarship lying..i really don care about many years ago was that..and it was when he was still an immature kid probbaly..

    i don know much about the health policies but its not like the health policies were good to begin with..they still had plenty of holes in it..atleast now someone is trying to repair it..and its too early to judge how the health care policies are working..since we are at recession its gonna be difficult for most of us..but i think in the long run it will work out.

    i like his policies on conserving energy,going green and such and i think he did the right thing when he decided to bailout the banks cos i think we would have been in the dumps if he din do that..i think whatever he is trying has helped the economy a little..the economy has improved and the stocks are up.

    i personally feel that obama is trying to fix the holes in the american system..and its better to remember that he was not the cause of those holes to begin with..and the policies that he proposes might not have an instant solution but on the long run it will help us greatly.
  9. Random

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    Just to add on to what Sim and blackhorse said, Obama became president while everything was falling apart. Cut him some slack. It took us 7-10 years to get us into this mess. It's easier to destroy than build. Obama has made some policies that I don't like, but honestly I believe he would have been the best choice out of all the presidential candidates. The government has to bail out the bank companies or else the whole situation will be hopeless to fix. At least the banks are starting to pay the government back, so give it another 2 years (hopefully maximum) and the economy should be back together.
  10. Merc

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    While everything was falling apart? I see your flag says you're from the US but you don't sound like someone who lives here. One, because Obama is doing far worse to the economy than Bush ever did and that's bad since Bush was a failure of massive proportions. Secondly, you think that the economy is going to be back together in 2 years? Shit like this takes a long time to rebuild. Obama's massive spending and check writing to China is going to have us in debt for at least the next ten years.

    Also the government should have never bailed anyone out, that's not how this system works. Those companies failed because they were poorly ran companies and should be allowed to die, not "rescued" by the government. It would have allowed new companies to rise and more jobs to be created. Instead, we are left with crippled corporations that are cutting back jobs and spending because they don't want to be in debt to the government or because they don't want to fall under.

    Obama is just continuing to ruin the economy.

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