Banner Request

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Anyone interested in making me a banner? My Adobe PSP got deleted off of my computer when a re-formatted it a week ago, so I'm kind've bannerless right now.

Just wondering if anyone would want to. I'm not really picky when it comes to banners, in fact you can just make whatever you want, and just have it say Sui Generis and I"d be happy. (Whatever my name makes you think of you can make that the banner....besides pigs o_O)
If you don't know how...why would you post...

You really don't have anything to input into this forum do you?

Sui, I could do it for you, but I am going to need a few more specifics. i could make a few for you in diff. ways and you can tell me if you like them.

Give me a size you want, colors, pics. I will get to work after that.
This was old; I don't know why this hasn't been closed. I got the sig I wanted from Maskado. Hm..whoever the mod is in this forum, please lock this.
Not open for further replies.