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Bankrupt one person or company?


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Well, the 2 companies I thought of when I clicked on this thread have already been mentioned.

Apple just because I hate them since Steve Jobs passed on and they have not come up with any more innovative ideas without him.

McDonald's because I think they have (and have had) a major influence on people's eating habits over the past too many years and are, at least in part, responsible for the obesity in the world - and note that I did not say just "obesity in the USA", I said "obesity in the world".


Lil Wayne. Dude has a ridiculous amount of money and doesn't deserve it. I want him poor and homeless. He'll have to give handy jays just to go grocery shopping.


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I wouldn't mind bankrupting Donald Trump or Rush Limbaugh. All they do is use their money to stir things up and it would keep Trump out of politics. As far as a company or in this case more of an organization I would like to see PETA go bankrupt.
Trump has been bankrupt before. Honestly, I think he would have a high potential of coming back.

I love EA, they provide me with my FIFA fix!

I would bankrupt McDonalds, in a sense of eliminating obesity.
I think the problem is a lot bigger than McDonalds, they're only the face of the issue. The issue is irresponsibility and laziness.

And amen on the Fifa! ;)


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Trump has been bankrupt before. Honestly, I think he would have a high potential of coming back.
Several of Trump's companies have gone bankrupt, but I don't believe he has ever personally been bankrupt before. I always lol when people mention Trump as an example of someone who worked hard and earned everything he has, almost as if to imply he came from nothing. The guy inherited a company and millions of dollars from his father. That's a pretty nice head start in life.


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Well since you corrected yourself to bankrupt a company I honestly don't know. I would want it to be some big evil cooperation that doesn't pay their workers enough. The thing is if you bankrupt the company then the people loose jobs and that is not cool...


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That's why I wouldn't bankrupt Wal-Mart. I hate them as a company. I hate what they stand for. I hate that they are responsible for cheap goods imported from another country that relies on child labor.

What they do is offer a large amount of low-wage jobs to people that would otherwise be unemployed and harming the economy.