Bankai Techniques

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  1. From what we've seen thus far who do you think has the most effective Bankai? Out of all I've seen the most lethal is Byakuya Kuchiki's Bankai with the flower petal blades. Very awesome technique.

  2. hes already been destroyed by ichigo, my pick is ichigo man, his is insane
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    but it was a close battle. Yet ichigo did have his blade on his neck but didnt kill him.
  4. yup, close nothing, Kuchiki underestimated him and could have been obliterated, but ichigo felt pity for him, not to mention Kuchiki has had his bankai for a very long time, that was Ichigo's first time using it, imagine what its like after training with it
  5. What about when the Hollow Ichigo came out. Before that, Byakuya was starting to get the upper hand again.
  6. well hollow or not, its ichigo, abuse that hollow as much as posible, even if he uses it its still a win for ichigo, and if you disagree then thats like saying naruto's victories dont count if he used the fox

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