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Bangladesh man 'admits' cutting off wife's fingers


aka ginger warlock
Source: BBC News

Human rights groups in Bangladesh have demanded a severe punishment for the husband of a young woman who allegedly cut off most of her right hand.
Police say Rafiqul Islam, 30, attacked her because she pursued higher education without his permission.
They say Mr Islam, a migrant worker, admitted to the crime shortly after returning home from the Gulf.
I have just read this and am once again horrified at how sick people can be, nevermind where it is done, nevermind the laws this man is sick and I really don't understand why anyone would do this.

"Doctors said my fingers could be re-attached within six hours but he refused to give them. After that time, another relative of my husband threw the fingers in a dustbin.
"We finally recovered them but it was too late," said Ms Akther, who is still recovering at her parents' house.
Excuse my language but the the fuck is that? Why on earth would someone do that? I really hope that this man is brought to justice over this, he has done something he can never take back to a women who did nothing wrong and this makes me angry.