Bands that just annoy you...


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Everyone has at least one; it's not that they're overplayed, or over-popular, or even all that terrible... They're those bands that you just know deep down aren't really as bad as you think, but you can't help yourself, because something about them inexplicably annoys the hell out of you.

For myself, it's Billy Talent and Wolfmother; I'm not really a big fan of the genre in the first place, but I can't say I have any real reason to hate these bands, either --> They just annoy the crap out of me, and I'm not entirely sure why. Same goes with that song by Jet. :shifteyes:

Do you have any bands or performers that annoy you for reasons you can't explain?
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Oh man, it hurts to see Billy Talent in your post. Ha.

Bands that annoy me... hmm... U2, Green Day and The Rolling Stones. They all have their reasons and while they can all make decent music, I hate them almost all equally. That may sicken people, but I can't help it. Ha.

I can't really think of any others, although I'm sure they're out there.


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Oh gawd, I have to agree with you about U2. They seriously annoy me beyond belief. Other bands that annoy me; Good Charlotte, Midnight Youth (Kiwi band) and Foo Fighters. For the last one, it only seems to be their recent stuff that annoys me.

and wtf Pretzel. Jet are awesome. Well, admittedly there latest album is average but their other ones are good. I'm actually going to see them live in January
U2, Take That, nickelback, coldplay, snow patrol

They all annoy me for no particular reason. It's not solely because I don't like their music, it's just something about them.


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Fall Out Boy, Blink 182 and...i have to add Sugar Babes and Pussy Cat Dolls; i know they're not really a 'band' but they still piss me off - Sugar Babes aren't even Sugar Babes any more!


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my chemical romance really annoy me. i have no idea why. they just do.

i liketwo of their songs. but the band itself just really bug me!!

n-dubz realy annoy me aswell!!!!!!


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The Rolling Stones, I've never understood the fascination, I think they suck.

U2 to some extent, I like their old stuff, but Bono can be such a pretentious douche that they turn me off.

Nickelback....they suck. Period.


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I don't care if I get flamed, but one band I have never understood the infatuation with and always felt were extremely overrated is . .

The Beatles.

I know it's like pissing on a cross in church to mention a dislike of the Beatles, but I never saw talent. I don't think they're good to listen to and I don't see why people flip out over their music.


ugh yeah. i forgot to mention my chemical romance and the Beatles [now that i saw the above posts].

i had totally forgot about their existence but yeah ... they never got me and i don't know why people keep on being fond of them.
but you know ... it's a matter of tastes.