Bands that completly change there sound.

Discussion in 'Music' started by Atreyu, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Atreyu

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  2. Mason

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    Porcupine tree, though they didn't completely change their sound, they now do metal as well as rock. They're metal sound's pretty good.
  3. Nightsurfer

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    Metallica changed their sound and it was ok for a while then St Anger came out and it SUCKED! I am hoping they go back to their roots for their next Album.

    Good Metallica

    YouTube - Metallica-Master of Puppets original

    YouTube - Metallica- One

    then after the Black album we get Load & Reload (not bad once you got used to it) but it was a big change of their sound. Some good and some bad.

    YouTube - Until it Sleeps - Metallica (Load, 1996)

    And then there was St Anger.....Not even used CD stores will take this CD

    YouTube - Metallica - St. Anger

    So here is hoping that they go back to their original formula or something better.
  4. synyst

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    My favorite band that changed the most has to be atreyu.
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  5. Zarathushtra

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    Metallica has dissappointed me so much NightSurfer. Yet I still have some hope for the new album. St Anger could really be the worst album ever produced by anyone.
  6. DMAC

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    Totally agree, there are lots of heavy metal bands that stay true to their name, like Motorhead they've never changed their sound.
  7. Altanzitarron

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    I would say Coheed and Cambria have become a bit more metally in there 2 most recent albums. However they're songs had so much diversity in style from the beginning it's hard to completely notice. The newest album though definitely has more of a metal sound than any of their previous ones.
  8. pro2A

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  9. Altanzitarron

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  10. ysabel

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    The Beatles. :lol:

    Just compare the red, blue and white albums to see how they covered several musical genre during their time of making music together.

    I liked them in all styles.

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