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Band Tattoos


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I always see and hear about people tattooing the logo of their favourite band on them, but I can't really imagine doing that myself. I would perhaps get one for my favourite band, but they would have to have been my favourite band for a good few years, and even then i'm not so sure i'd want their logo, more likely some of their lyrics or something. So, how about you, would you tattoo a band logo on you? Obviously this is a question for people who like/want/have tattoos, not for those of you who are against them in any capacity.


Sally Twit
For the longest time I wanted to have a tattoo of the cover of Issues by Korn. I do still love the band but when I was a teen I was obsessed. I am glad I never went ahead!
I think if the music has influenced you your entire life then it would be a fitting tribute.


yellow 4!
Yeah I can see certain circumstances which would be better than others. As you said, lyrics would be much more plausible than a band logo. For me (I won't get a tattoo but for the sake of this thread), I think it would be because I've loved the artwork of an album cover or something for years and think it'd look really awesome as a tattoo. Not just because I love the band.


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There is actually a band that I would get the logo of, but it's for the twofold reason that I both love the band (and they have influenced my life, I've made some great friends through them, I follow the lead singer on Facebook and genuinely like him as a person, etc) and they have a really cool logo. This is it -- I wouldn't get the words, no way, just the skull and cutlass/rotor blades part.

I don't know where I'd put it though, and I'm definitely planning to leave the idea simmering for a few months more -- probably a year or two -- before I go ahead. If I still want it then, I think I'll go ahead.


Better Call Saul
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A band tattoo isn't as bad as getting a girlfriend or boyfriend's name tattooed on you but I still wouldn't do it haha

I love the Beatles and they'll always be number one a tattoo? Nah. Of course I don't have any anyway and won't ever so maybe I'm not the best to respond here.


I plan on getting 5 tattoos and 3 if them have to do with 2 of my favorite bands/artist MANOWAR & HammerFall

The HF will be red and above the DIO's devil horns sign the other will have no background just that guy doing the viking salute


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I cannot imagine putting Beatles logo as tattoo even though I know I will love that band forever. Much more for some favorite bands that come and go (or what if I love something more after and not put that band logo instead)? The only thing I can imagine getting a tattoo of is the Scorpio sign that looks like an M (nope not the Scorpions band).


It's not me, it's you.
I probably wouldn't. If I did, it would be just because I think their logo looked cool enough for a tattoo...but I wouldn't get one solely based on the band. I'm more of a cosmetic gal when it comes to tats instead of the meaning behind them.


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That is the stupidest tattoo idea that ever can exist. A friend of mine's brother had Megadeth's logo tattooed ALL over his back. It's stupid.


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Only if it's pretty generic. Bands I was totally all over in 2010 don't impress me as much as some bands I heard in 2011. I'm severely needle shy so the tats would need to be kind of small but there is a lot of really epic cover art I'd like to have tats of. :cool:
But I def don't want the name of a band I might not like as much someday.
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