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  1. Who here has seen this mini-series that first aired on HBO? It is about Easy Company in World War II, from their parachute into Normandy until the end of the war. Spielberg and Tom Hanks had a hand in the creation of the series, and it is VERY well done. The acting and effects are top notch, plus since it is about as 100% accurate as they can get then you are always wondering who is not going to make it.

  2. Vincent_Valentine

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    We watched parts of it in my American History class back in highschool. It was really well done.
  3. Well it is not that old, only a few years, I never got to watch it in HS, but I did get to watch Saving Private Ryan.
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    This was a great Mini Series, they really promoted it before it came out, and I love the commercials so I said to myself I got to see this, so when it started to air on T.V then I watched it and loved it.

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