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Stupid Ban on foreign flags during World Cup


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Nice mayor bans foreign flags ahead of World Cup riot fears - Telegraph

The mayor of Nice has imposed a ban on the waving of foreign flags by football fans in the Riviera city, as police in cities across France braced for a possible repeat of the rioting that followed Algeria’s victories in World Cup matches.

The ban on the “ostentatious use” of flags in the centre of Nice came just hours before Algeria were due to play against Germany in the last 16 on Monday night, just after France take on Nigeria.

The ban, which will last until the Cup final on July 13, aims at “maintaining order… and avoiding excesses such as those we saw on the night of 26-27 June in the Paris metropolitan area, in Lyon, Marseille and in the north,” said the conservative Nice mayor, Christian Estrosi.

Tens of thousands of Algeria fans took to the streets of cities across France last Thursday to celebrate their team’s historic qualification for the knockout stages of the World Cup.

The celebrations were largely peaceful but were marred by violence in several cities. Riot police fired tear gas at youths on the Champs Elysees in Paris, and there were similar clashes in Marseille and Lyon, where dozens of cars were set alight.

Trouble had also flared following Algeria’s win over South Korea the previous Sunday.
European Affairs Minister Harlem Désir called on fans of Algeria to avoid further violence but warned that police would not tolerate any trouble.

France has a population of nearly two million 1.7 million Algerians or French citizens of Algerian descent.

Police plan to deploy more officers on Monday night than they do for national holidays such as the New Year and the July 14 Bastille Day celebrations, when youths in disaffected immigrant suburbs frequently take to burning cars and battling with the law.
Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right anti-immigrant Front National, said the clashes between police and football fans after Algeria’s World Cup wins were proof that France’s immigration policy had failed.
Was thinking of putting this on the Football/Soccer forum but I think the implication is beyond the World Cup event. Is it really a threat to immigrant integration when people openly celebrate with the flag of their original descent? I understand the concern over riots if Algeria advances to the next stage but that city should have just tighten its rules against public disorder more than banishing symbols like flags which are in itself aren't chaotic.

I'm waiting for the result of the ongoing match. If Algeria wins this, I'm curious how they'd enforce this ban tonight :lol:. Anyway I think sooner or later someone will have to point out that this is anticonstitutional.


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It's the world cup, why is it to offensive/problematic for people to be flying the flag from their own country? Isn't part of the purpose of the world cup to have an international event? How can any foreign flag be problematic at such an event?

Are they still allowed to fly French flags?

Also, we've had problems in America where people have gotten into trouble of sorts for flying an American flag IN America, makes no sense to me, this world cup law makes no sense either.


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If they riot and torch cars when they win then what do they do if they lose? Sounds like they just want a excuse to riot and torch cars and yeah I agree that those immigration laws = fail.


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Staff member
This is what I don't get, you want out of your old country, migrate to a new one and become a citizen but your loyalties are still with your old country. Go back there then if that is where you want to be and stop causing trouble.


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World Cup is like a religion here, haha. People take it to heart. A lot of people from different nationalities do celebrate and wave their flags when their country wins (we don't see this happening during the Olympics). This is the first time a ban happened, and it is only for that specific city where there were a lot of Franco-Algerians. Note that Algeria used to be a part of France, not just a colony. Their World Cup wins are historic so the people were excited and I guess some went overboard in the celebration. It would be too racist if the mayor just banned the Algerian celebration so he included all other nations. I wouldn't be against stricter rules during the event but to actually ban exposure of any foreign flag, even if it is during the duration of the event which lasts until July 13....that's still a bit overreacting. The international cheers and celebrations, even if they're a minority, is always one of the most interesting things about the WC for me. Anyway good thing that ban doesn't apply here in Paris.

The leader of the extreme right party even went out to suggest that we should rethink our laws on double nationality. It sort of reminds me of the controversy when an American ran with another flag (other than the the US flag) when he won an Olympic event.


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In the UK the local councils have threatened to evict English people for flying the England flag, even a war veteran. I think its downright degrading for the government to be against its own people, especially as nothing is said about the foreign born people flying their flags. I'm not even racist but this annoys me, its like they are so scared that someone will pull the race card on them they go out of their way to be anti-British.