Ban Against Gay Male Blood Donors Continues


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I was actually having a discussion about this with my parents yesterday.

When I found out a while ago that gay males weren't allowed to give blood I was really shocked!

I think they should just test them like everyone else, I mean it doesn't hurt to test. If they are fine then bingo! If not then obviously they can't give blood. Simple.


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Seems like a simple case of something being done when we didn't know better, and nobody ever got around to changing it (in large part because almost nobody knows about it).


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That was thought of before when there was little knowledge about AIDS and thought that only heterosexual males are responsible for it. We have been gone a long way from that (although I must admit some people need for their mentality to catch up). Everyone is at risk. Blood donor bans should be based on whether blood is healthy or not, instead of assumptions regarding the effects of one's sexual orientation or lifestyle. Anyone can claim (which is btw, another loophole here) to be heterosexual and monogamous but it doesn't guarantee you that their blood will be healthy and useful.


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Slightly off topic, there was a case a good few years ago where a whole bunch on Ethiopians donated blood and all of that blood was tossed out. Once they got wind of it all hell broke loose. Apparently the reason the blood was discarded was for a similar reason noted in the article that they might have had some sort of virus.
Some of them really did have "tainted" blood, but definitely not all, it was awful of the staff to toss out all the blood just because it was Ethiopian blood.

Having had that episode there is no longer a problem for Ethiopians to donate. They get checked before like everyone else and then donate if they can.

I can't understand why the law hasn't changed yet in the US.


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I think they did a lot of mass blood tossing in the 80s. When the virus wasn't known yet, people donated and that was not checked. In here there was even a scandal because people got sick from being receivers of "infected" blood. I realise it can be worrysome but if they really wanted to make sure it's secure, then don't "profile" the donor but just do blood tests.