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MLB Baltimore Orioles vs Kansas City Royals: ALCS


The return shall be legenday!
The key of that series for the Royals was their pitchers keeping the ball in the ballpark. If I'm not mistaken, 57% of the Orioles offense was generated by the long ball. During the series they only hit 2 so runs were hard to come by..which led to the Royals sweep. Congrats to the city of Kansas City!!
Let's be honest: who really thought that the Royals would find their way to the World Series this season, let alone, getting there UNDEFEATED in postseason play?


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This is an amazing story. I know 3 or 4 people who live in that area and 2 weren't alive the last time the Royals won and they're in they're mid-late 20's. I'd like to see them win it all but I think San Francisco or St. Louis may be a tough test. But then again the A's, Angels and Orioles were supposed to be as well.


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As great as it's been to see the Royals on this miracle run, it all ends in the World Series, just my opinion. Whether they face the Cardinals or Giants, it'll be over in 5