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The Queen finds five-year-old's balloon, and sends him a personal message - exclusive -

The Queen finds five-year-old's balloon, and sends him a personal message

Five-year-old Charlie Castle now has more than his name to link him with royalty.
Because Charlie has received a personal message from the Queen after she picked up his balloon.

He was one of 80 schoolchildren who released the inflatables during end-of-term celebrations.

A couple of days later, the Queen found his deflated numbered balloon as she walked her corgis - 14 miles away in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Her personal assistant Angela Kelly returned it to Charlie with a message from the Queen.

She wrote: "Her Majesty the Queen has asked me to write to tell you that she found your balloon in her garden at Windsor Castle when she was walking her dogs. Her Majesty was delighted to see how far it had flown and was so happy it was your balloon she found."

Charlie, who lives in High Wycombe, Bucks, said: "It was so exciting to get the letter. I was surprised my balloon had flown so far. I'm just glad that the Queen's dogs didn't eat it!" His mother Kylie, 38, said: "I nearly dropped the phone when I found out. I was astounded, as we all were.

It's lovely the Queen cares about the normal things in life and appreciates what five-yearold boys care about."

Database manager Kylie said her son saw the Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace this summer. She added: "The Queen's in charge of everything as far as he's concerned.

"It's a huge coincidence that his name is Castle and his balloon landed at Windsor Castle.

"He's mad for castles. In fact, we were putting up his inflatable castle at the weekend."

Anne Harding, head of Little Marlow school, said: "A lady called and said the Queen had personally picked up the balloon. It was hard to believe at first."

Fifteen of the 80 balloons were returned - the furthest from Bordeaux in south-west France.
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Sally Twit
It's not that surprising considering her garden is the size of a small country. Planes have crashed there and gone unnoticed.