PC Games Baldur's Gate

No, I'm not talking about dark Aliance. I'm talking original Baldur's Gate for the pc.

This was a king among rpgs, using D&D 2.0 rules, this game redefined the rpg. A must buy. The game has it all, a good story tons of customization and replay value, multiplayer, and as I value a lot, good writing and characters. The environments are 2 isometric, but still look great. Honestly, if you haven't played it, you need to.
Dark Alliance takes away much of the story, and is a fairly straight forward action/RPG.

The original had much more character and story focus, and was a straight RPG
Such a good game! Baldur's Gate 2, too. They just dont make RPGs like that anymore... everything is so linear. The BG games (and their expansions) brought a whole new level of originality and expansiveness to PC gaming, not to mention being actually well written and your dialogue choices actually mattered.

Dark Alliance was fun, but was an entirely different type of game... it was a completely linear action RPG that was more about the multi-player than being a single player controlling a party.
Throne of Bhaal was the expansion for BG2... it was good, you got your own pocket universe with a demon servant who lived in it.
I never had a chance to play BG2 as much as the original unfortunately.

And I don't know where my old copies of them are anymore