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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition


I am the woolrus
Anyone else looking forward to this? The PC version is already available for pre-order, but all version will be released during next month.

Personally i can't wait. I've never played the first Baldur's Gate, as i've never been able to properly run it on OS X, and i was playing BGII for the first time last summer/autumn, but then i had an accident and my laptop broke! I was going to pick it up again, but since i heard about this i thought I'd hold off and play through both games in their new, updated forms.

The Enhanced Editions will be available on PC, Mac, iPad and Android and there's a bunch of enhancements and changes to be excited about. Firstly, the new BGI will include all improvements that were made in BGII, including classes, subraces and class kits that were previously unavailable. Other previously unavailable classes such as the Blackguard will be available to the game via new adventures, which also include new party members. So far i see that there will be three new characters and one new mandatory adventure (which could result in major changes in the game's plot) as well as multiple new sidequests that would tie unfinished stories together.

On top of these huge changes, there will also more aesthetic changes, such as: A new collection of player character voice sets, native support for high resolution widescreen displays, new hand-painted player portraits, and improved multiplayer support, with connectivity between all platforms.

Also, one final note, taken from Wikipedia: Overhaul Games has revealed their intent to make Baldur's Gate 3 following their completion on both enhanced editions, describing it as their "long-term goal". Overhaul Games has also stated that they would like to produce overhauls of Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment using rules from Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition if it is successful. The Planescape: Torment overhaul would use the Infinity Enhanced Engine as well as possibly set up the stage for a sequel to Torment.

I think there's DEFINITELY a lot to be excited about here :D


New Member
About a year ago I went on a downloading spree trying to find the best of the best in each computer game genre, and you know what kept popping up for rpg? Baldur's gate 2. Played the first one first, of course, but man, I spent more time on that game than I did morrowind! Also played the two icewind dales, but they were more dungeon crawlers than anything, so they were a tad on the boring side. If I hadn't already gone through the games, this'd be excited, but not really worth buying and replaying at this point. I do like the sound of a third one though.
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