Baited Breath


Creeping On You
This is a cartoon I started making last summer. I used photoshop to create each frame individually. Voices are mine, and I made the music. Midi music ftw! It's not finished yet, but I need to wait till get my new computer soon to finish. my laptop is too worn out to keep working on this one.

YouTube - Baited Breath Incomplete
Man, my internet (*my neighbours internet) cuts out for 24 hrs and I come back thinking someone might have commented but I'm sorta dissappointed that no one watched it :(
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I watched it, and I laughed pretty hard. Especially at "i think i just peed myself.." "aw dammit, frank!"

you are a creative one aren't you, Smel :lol:


It's not me, it's you.
I haven't been able to watch it yet. You should upload it on a site that my company does not block. =P

btw, it's spelled bated, in this instance.