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  1. StroShow

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    I looked through all four pages and I didn't find this thread idea. If you have any bad travel stories then please share them with us in this thread. I have atleast one but I'll mention it after I see a few replies.

  2. Major

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    I had to sit next to a very overweight man on an airplane once. Not only was he taking up a lot of my space, which made things very uncomfortable, but he smelled really bad too. If you're that large, you should have to pay for two seats.
  3. Tucker

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    If this is fresh, it's a great thread idea. I'm almost sorry that I have no bad travel stories to share, unless you count the athlete's foot and diarrhea I picked up in Leeds.
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  4. StroShow

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    On my first ever flight I was going to Sweden which ended up being a 16 hour flight from where I departed to where I landed. Throughout the flight I didn't drink much liquids neither did I talk to anyone. I landed in Sweden at the Airport I had to go through Customs(I think that's what it i said it was my first flight so I dont remember very well) and the guy that was at the gate hardly spoke any english but he ask me what I was doing in Sweden, and i started to talk and realized I lose 95% of my voice so I could hardly answer his question. But I did the best I could and after 2 minutes of starring me down he finnaly let me through. I was so scared that he wasn't going to let me in the country lol.
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  6. KSpiceFantastic

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    My family and I lost our luggage on the way to Venice, but we got it back rather quickly. That's the only really bad story I have for you.
  7. Rebeccaaa

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    Ah yeah, disappearing luggage, that happened to me too. The airport got it back to us by the next day but it was returned to the hotel one by one with about an hour or 2 in between each without ever actually confirming they had all the cases (there was 3 of us). Talk about suspense. :lol:

    Anyway, I've never really had any bad travel experiences. That probably is the closest.
  8. Dragon

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    The airline lost our luggage. We were stuck in Newark for night and they put us up in a hotel so we just had to wear the close we had on. We got back home thinking the luggage will be there but it wasn't. Called up the airline and a few days later, someone from the airline came and dropped off our luggage.
  9. Bananas

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    The worst one for me was being on a car ferry from Dunkirk to Dover(usually a 2and a bit hour crossing), their was a storm brewing and the seas were pretty rough, by the time we got to Dover the storm had picked up and they had closed down due to the gale force winds and severe waves hitting the port. So for the next 6 hours we bobbed up and down a mile or so off shore as we waited for a port to open....oh and did I mention there was a storm!! I've never been on a boat that has listed so much and every couple of minutes even on the top decks you would feel the waves slamming into the hull. I was not ill but a lot of passengers were.

    I also remember a family holiday when I was about 8 or 9 years old to Cyprus, we got to the airport and just before boarding the plane was delayed, so we waited and we waited, after a few hours they confirmed the plane was some technical issues and the plane would be delayed another 8 hours, but as we had already checked in they would not let us leave the airport which was rather annoying considering our house was just a 5 minute drive from the airport. That was not a good start to the holiday.
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    Well i am travel lover i often travel across the world and during journey i faced many bad experience but,but that's just part of traveling,i normally ignore that and enjoyed my tour.:nod:

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