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Movies Bad Movie Titles


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Because every time I see that "I am Number 4" thread it makes me cringe. What is with the really shitty movie titles coming out lately? "Drive Angry", "I am Number 4" and "127 Hours" are great examples of this. I mean, i'm used to straight to TV movies having bad names, but these are mainstream, popular movies. Any other really bad movie names you can think of?


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I didn't really think that I am Number Four was a bad title. I thought it was different and that intrigued me.


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Haha, that was the first thing that came to my mind: I am number Four. :beurk:

Also a lot of French version of English movie titles are bad. They're either so literal to the meaning of the movie (they're definitely not direct translations of the English titles) that the smartness of the title is lost, they also use too much of the "coup de foudre" (love at first sight) for any love story. If it takes place in Manhattan then "coup de foudre à manhattan", or you can imagine..coup de foudre à nottingham, coup de foudre à rhode island..blah.


aka ginger warlock
I would agree with you on "Drive Angry", it is one of the worst I have heard in some time but I can understand the titles of the others are as they are related to the plot. Ones that I can think of is the subtitle of "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" - how exactly does one "die harder".

I can't think of anymore now but I am sure I will :)


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"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Yeah, please make title shorter next time.


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nothing beats 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind'.


aka ginger warlock
Please make it to 500 posts so I can neg you. Haha.

How the hell is that a bad title?
I gotta agree with Konshentz on this, it is a beautiful film and the title sums up exactly what the movie is about.


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You Got Served... :disbelief:
Worst movie and movie name ever conceived.


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The Italian Job - The Mark Wahlberg/Edward Norton one.

Although, a good action film. The title is nonsensical. And to exist suggests it holds some sort of competition against the original 1969 classic. When it certainly does not. Not even slightly.
Stupid title through and through.