Bad idea to stick with Kaspersky Internet Security?


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I've used Kaspersky Internet Security for the past three years and have been happy with it. However, the Russians may or may not be spying on me through the application - depending on who you believe. My subscription will expire soon and I'm not sure if I should renew it or switch to a different company's security suite. Is it a bad idea to continue using Kaspersky's products?


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The Russians would be pretty bored if they were spying on me. They may actually feel sorry for me and send me some friends! :D
I use Kaspersky and haven't thought about changing it up. If someone wants to hack and spy and has the means to do it, they will do it. I really don't think that this would be the best means to do it.


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I have always found it best to stay with a company like that unless THEY do something wrong. Familiarity between company and customer outweighs any threat that I can't do anything about.


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Dump it. Same with CCleaner if you use that.

Do not trust a security company that is too dumb to keep hackers from infecting their product.
What do you recommend I use instead in place of both. My sub is going to run out soon, so I need a new security program to replace it before it does. I'm not worried about cost, I just want something that works. Also, in the past I've used Glary Utilities and Advanced System Cleaner instead of CCleaner Slim, but reviews now claim they are full of garbage too. What do you use?


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I'm a network engineer - been doing this since PCs were invented.

I use the free products from Microsoft and haven't felt the need for anything more. At work we use ESET, which is very good. Avoid McAfee and Symantec.

99% of fighting viruses IS NOT CLICKING. Most viruses need you to launch them. I am suspicious of every pop-p, every update and warning.

If you get an update notification - go to the website for the update. Adobe, or Java or whoever. Run the update from the horse's mouth. If you just DON'T TRUST

Pop-ups, update notifications and voices from the computer telling you that you have an infection. I have never used an anti-virus that spoke to me when it found a virus.

Close all open windows and browsers. If the voice persists, reboot. Then go to whatever website it said needed an update. Download right from or or whereever.

Do trust Windows updates, but set your PC to download at once but ASK to install. Then install them and reboot so you don't get caught with your computer updating for an hour when you really need it.


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Thanks for the advice Impaired, I have heard that McAfee should be avoided so I haven't used it in years. What do you think of AVG? I have had that one recommended to me as well.


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I use the free Kaspersky anti-virus software. I like them because the software doesn't jam up my ram. I'm sure if they are spying on me that they are sorely disappointed about what they find. I'm not rich, my credit sucks, my bank account is empty. Guess they are SOL.