Bad habits..

We all have them. Anything from knuckle cracking, drinking from the milk jug, leaving dirty clothes on the floor, etc...

I don't have any, so I'll just read about all of yours.:shifteyes:

Actually, I am extremely unorganized.


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going to extremes, pouring my heart and soul into the uncertain, and being an idiot. these are my bad habits.

I have more, but I'm too tired to think of them.

another one would be being on GF when I should be asleep.


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I also pick at my fingers, crack my knuckles, put myself in situations where I can't win, turn my room into a warzone (complete with trenches of almost laundry)...

making a fool of myself.

my sleeping patterns are a series of bad habits. late to bed and later to rise makes a man stupid and blind in the eyes.

every project I start turns into a daily reminder that karma can not be trusted.

I actually spend time thinking about and trying to quantify what the fuck is wrong with me.

I answer these questions at 2:33 in the morning.
I make comics that aren't actually that good (and I know that they really aren't that good), just to piss off my overly religious mother.

its probably a bad habit that I can't have a civilized discussion with my mother without one of use blowing up at the other. if I could phrase that as a habit.

I have a habit of being confrontational with my mom. there we go.

I also apparently have a habit of being a bad role model to my three younger siblings. which is probably because I have the bad habits of:

> never having smoked anything or had alcohol in my life
> never swearing at home or in the presence of my sisters or parents
> doing everything in my power to protect my sisters from people who try to hurt them, and trying to explain the rest to the best of my ability.

yeah, I've got some really bad habits there, don't I?

another really bad one I've got is probably venting on an online 2:49 AM. but you know what? its another habit of mine that I don't give a damn.

oh. and I get pissy when I'm pissed.

and I visualize what life would have to be like for me to be genuinely happy, only to realize that its so far out of reach that I really should have given up a long time ago. now there's a habit that just isn't good for anyone.

I have way too much caffeine in my diet.

I have a random streak.
amused yet?
more bad habits:

I'm still posting on this thread, even though I'm not sure I have much else to say.

can insomnia be a habit?

I have a habit of staying up 'till 3:16, bitching about nothing to nobody.

I have a habit of being easy to take advantage of. I have a habit of trusting everybody.

I have a habit of getting hurt.

I have a habit of repeating myself, don't I?

I have a habit of not making any sense.

I have a habit of making perfect sense, but only to a deranged mind.

I have a habit of crying myself to sleep

I have a habit of being an emo bitch.

I have a habit of typing out the words "I have a habit of" again and again for each line, even though a copy/paste would be more efficient.

but then again, I have a habit of inefficiency. I have a habit of wandering aimlessly while I try to figure out what to do when a clear course of action has already been outlined so kindly for me.

oh yeah, and I have a really really bad habit of doing these:


y'know, I'm probably gonna edit all this tomorrow or something and make it all say "I have one bad habit: I think too hard"

but for now you get this list. enjoy it.
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I used to crack my knuckles like 10 times a day a few years ago, but I haven't done it in about two years, which is hard for me because I use to do it so often.

I usually leave clothes lying around in my room.

When I drink milk, I always leave a little bit because I don't want to change the milk bag.

That's all I can think of as of right now.


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Bad habits of mine.

i crack my fingers, my back, my neck, my knees all the time.
i speed when i drive, no matter where i am going
i leave cups around my computer desk all the time,

also when im drunk, my worse bad habit is slapping people over the face, not hard (that i know of) but always my mates, they hate drinking with me coz of it, but its not like im doing it to get into a fight, im doing it coz at the time i think its funny.

hurt myself all the time, like try sumthing once (jumping into bush's n stuff like dat)


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I can't end a conversation on somebody else's note, especially when I feel wronged.
o rly? i hadn't noticed..... :-o


I don't consider cracking my knuckles to be a bad habit. I love doing it and unless it irritates someone else, what difference does it make?

my bad habit is picking at ingrown hairs on my legs. I know, beurk, but it's an OCD thing and I have a really hard time stopping, even though it leaves nasty red marks on my otherwise attractive if i do say so myself legs.


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I've always chewed my nails, when I was alot younger I would even chew my toe nails. Not so much anymore though, not that I cant do it.... I just choose not to.