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Bad Guys Part 2


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We Just read recently that Charles Manson died Nov 2017. He lived for a long time being in rison until age 83. Still I don't know the whole story for what he did. In the 60's he committed murder with a lot of people. Everyone that was found guilty was sent to prison.

What was his intentions for his murders? What kind of person was he really before prison? Why did these other people join along with him? If anyone knows and wants to start this offnow be my guest.


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Long story short, Charles Manson was the perfect definition of a psychopath. He founded the cult known as The Manson Family and murdered actress Sharon Tate (then, wife of disgraced film director Roman Polanski), among others. Turns out members of the Manson Family were also involved in an attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford.


Free Spirit
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Want to get the feel of what Maniac Manson was about watch Helter Skelter.

Helter Skelter (TV Movie 1976) - IMDb

He could have been trying to start a race war. Who knows what was going through that nuts head. He had some vision of him and his clan being the last whites on Earth after the race war and they would rule over the blacks. I think he was far nuttier than most of us realize.

Helter Skelter (Manson scenario) - Wikipedia


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Broken home, missing father, criminal mother who did jail time when he was five or so. He grew up a criminal. When the murders happened, none of the people who knew him as a child were surprised.