Bad day!


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My poor little Hamish is really ill! :cry:
I had plans to give them all big plays and do out all the cages but I just happened to go to his cage first.
I thought he was just tired but when I lifted his igloo he came out and seemed wobbly.
He can't breathe properly!

I've got him in a carrier next to me and I've managed to give him some medicine.
He's quite calm now which is good and I've got his baby food ready for him when he wants it.
I'm scared though.

I just lost his brother Angus in August and Squidge exactly 48 hours before that.
Scratchy went on 30th October too.

I'm not looking for advice or anything, I just needed to share.


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Rattie, Hun, I hope that he is doing better now. I know how hard it is to see our little babies not feeling well. Keep us updated.



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Thank you so much everyone.
Right after I posted he got a lot worse.
Finally got him setled again.
He stirs evey now and again, just wanting a little cuddle.
Gonna try and give him a little more medicine which he does not want!

Going to the vets tomorrow.
He'll probably get a steroid injection and whatever medicine I've asked them for in the past as vets don't have a clue what to give them despite all the testing done to them over the years. :confused:
Can't think what I've asked them for though, my brain is muddled just now. to dash, someone needs a cuddle!............


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aww!! i hope he gets better- i know what it feels like to have a sick pet. just keep giving him some TLC :) tell us how it goes :)


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Hamish is gone. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

We took him to the vet and he seemed a lot better on the way and while we were there.
He got 2 shots of anti-biotics, a slow release one and a fast acting one.
He also got a shot of anti inflammatory.

He was doing well until around six o'clock.
He started struggling again and left us at about half past seven.
Thankfully it was over in seconds and I was able to be there for him.

He had just turned two in November.
He wasn't young but not particularly old.
He had been in good health and it just came out of the blue.

I was going to video him doing a super cute thing on the day that I found him ill.
It was only Hamish that did it and it was so sweet.
I miss him SO MUCH! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Sorry if I take a while to catch up with things, I really am a mess.