Bacon makes everything better - even chocolate?


Sultan of Swat
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Well someone created a thread awhile back about weird combinations, well he's one for you. Bacon covered in chocolate with Sea Salt.

Now my question to you guys is this. Would you even try this?

Personally I'm not a big fan of bacon, I personally think it's to greasy, and I'll only eat it in a Club Sandwich. But I am a huge fan of chocolate, so I defenitely try it, just to see how it taste.

How about you guys?


Ms. Malone
You think that's bad? My mates in college use to have chesse and chocolate toasties and ham and chocolate toasties XP


Sally Twit
That's a disgusting thought. I like both those things on their own.. But together? I would not try that unless I was getting a lot of money for it.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Sounds about as good as a fried Mars bar.

Speaking of which, has anyone here tried that Bacon Ice Cream recipe that came up on Three Panel Soul?


Guardian of the Light
I'm not gonna have any bacon for a long time now. :mad: thanks.

This combined with what i found in the fridge earlier (very moldy bacon) is just too much for me to handle, now i actually feel like barfing.


Everything goes.
Ohhhhh, hell yes...I can taste it. A crunchy bite of evil Hell, and then a squirt of tainted sweetness, juiced up in bacon and smelling like the beautiful grill the bacon was on. And then end it with the wet crunch of rolled up well-done bacon with a little bit of fat.

That's just disgusting man!
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