Bacon Flavored Vodka


Son of Liberty
Ok I know I'm reaching on this one hahaha. But come on... nothing like siding your BLT with a Bacon Vodka Bloody Mary!

Bacon-flavored vodka? Now you’ve heard it all.

“Everything is better with bacon. It’s one of my favorite foods,” said Don Yovicsin, the owner of Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse in Waltham. “So when one of my friends mentioned the idea of bacon and vodka, it piqued my curiosity.”

He fried a batch of Niman Ranch thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon, added the crispy bacon to a large infuser jar with Absolut vodka, then let it sit for four weeks. After the liquor was smoky, he filtered out the bacon pieces with cheesecloth, chilled the vodka to congeal the bacon fat, then removed it via coffee filter.

The remaining smoky liquor was bottled and put behind the bar, where Jake’s is serving it in a variety of cocktails.

“The clear winner has been our Bloody Mary,” said Yovicsin. “It’s too perfect with the smoky bacon flavor.”


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Now that is just plain nasty. Vodka should never be flavored let alone bacon flavored. That is just wrong.

What's Cheetos flavored vodka, Chocolate flavor, Bubblegum, why mess with a good thing.

Back in the day Vodka was my drink of choice, only potato to ever kick my ass.


The Hierophant
Something tells me that a bacon bloody mary would actually be pretty fucking good. It'd break down the intense tomato flavor.