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Backstage stories


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Who doesn't love wrestling backstage stories? I personally love them, some are real, some are urban legends and some of them don't even make sense.

I decided to start this thread so we can discuss about some of our favorite backstage stories. Some you'll know already, others you never heard about. I think this as a chance to be a real amazing thread. I'll start off with my favorite and then a few others.

Kid & Rougeaus -Kid was hit in the face with either knuckle dusters or a role of quarters and he had several of his teeth knocked out. The amazing thing is that Dynamite never even got knocked of his feet. The Bulldogs left the WWF soon after and their last match was at Surviver Series in a match that had the Rougeaus in it. They were kept apart for fear that Dynamite would shoot on the brothers and seriously hurt them. That is from Billingtons book and sevral other sourses, including a Jim Neidhart shoot interview.

Vader & Paul Orndorff- Vader as WCW champ was in a foul mood backstage and reacted angerliy to being asked to shoot a promo by Orndorff. Vader threw Paul to the ground, who proceeded to get up and knock 7 shades of shit out of Vader. All this with a bad arm and flip flops on.

Angle vs. Puder- During the Tough Enough thing on SmackDown, Angle challenged anyone to wrestle him in a shoot. Puder volunteered. Angle berated him and then they wrestled. It was just an angle, though they were wrestling for real. Puder slapped on a painful lock out of nowhere, and would've broken Angle's arm had he not let go. The agents backstage in the Gorilla position were screaming at the ref to stop the match, which he did. And thank goodness, because it would've embarrassed WWE badly


Haters gonna hate.
The only one I remember is when Randy Orton got Mr. Kennedy fired for not executing a move correctly. He bitched out Kennedy to Vince, and Vince treasured Orton too much to get him injured. Bye bye Kennedy... Kennedy!