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Back to the drawing board


Registered Member
I had the most wonderful surprise at Christmas. My partner bought me a whole load of new stuff to make earrings, bracelets etc. A Dutch jewellery designer has just moved to our area and opened a shop with stuff not readily available here. I was bored with the same old, same old; now, as the title suggests, it's back to work with a million new ideas that I have to take note of before they disappear into the black hole that is my memory. Anybody else feeling inspired right now? I'm interested to know what you all are up to.


still nobody's bitch
Post some pics of your work! I haven't gotten my beads out in months; I'd love to make something new once I'm feeling more settled (I just moved last week).


Registered Member
Will do! Give me a couple of weeks! I hope you do better than me! It's 10 years since I moved from Scotland to Spain and since I felt so enthusiastic (is that the right spelling? It looks wrong somehow) about making new stuff!​